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Product Model:DK0001-02A

The 6063 aluminum LED deck lighting is for indoor. The new Fresnel lenses improve lumen output, diffusing the spread of light evenly. Designed installation clips to be easily installed on the building. Each connector head easily connects and can be placed into position quickly, adding the final touches to the decking design.

Product Model: DK0001-02A

Rated Power: 1W or 3W

Lumens: 95 lm

Color Rendering Index: 90

Beam Angle: 30,45,60,120


Input Voltage: 12VDC-24VDC

Color Tempeture: RED,BLUE,GREEN,YELLOW,3000K,4500K,6000K

IP Grade: IP65,  Dimension: D38*54mm Cut hole:31.5mm

CLOLIGHT LED LLIGHTS are bright spot or floodlinghts in a tiny package. Use these lights to accent walls, highlight architectural features, or add safety to the exterior of your home. These versatile lights can be used indoors and out. They are waterproof, very durable, and backed by a 5 year warranty.

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This contains:

For single mini led light: 24AWG*200mm cable  1 x 1W LED light or 1 x 3W LED light

For mini led light kit: 9* 24AWG*200mm cable  9 x 1W LED lights or 9 x 3W LED light, LED driver (12v), 9*Y type splitter


Room decoration lighting, KTV room, stair step indicator lighting,porch wall foot,Roads, squares, sidewalks, gardens, swimming pools, Bridges and other outdoor Spaces.Other DIY designs, such as starlight effects...

Dimension for connection:

LED Light Installation Guide:


NOTE:  Prior to installation find location of the power supply, timer, and dimmer.  And to ensure input voltage is suit to local voltage (100V,120V or 240V). A GFCI outlet is required  to help prevent damage to lights due to electrical incidents.

1. Plug the timer into a GFCI outlet located  in a dry area.

2. You must install the timer vertically with the receptacle facing down. The timer and transformer must be installed as per local/state and federal water safety regulations.

Ensure the rate power of transformer for the number of the led lights aliigns with listed maximum capacity table. If the amount of lights used requires a higher transformer capacity than what is provided, transformer will malfunction and possibly overload.

One 1W LED Spotlight draws 100mA. Means 9pcs led lights draw 900mA, or 1 Amp. For One 3W LED Spotlight draws 250mA. Means 9pcs led lights draw 2500mA, or 2.5Amp.

» ALWAYS check local codes before beginning your project.

» USE CLOLIGHT TRANSFORMERS ONLY. Using any other type of transformer voids the warranty.


Live wiring installation (install with connected/activated lights) is recommended to ensure complete connection and functionality.

1.   Determine location of power source (external/interior outlet).

2.   Connect waterproof connector transconnect cable to LED transformer.

3.   Plug 12V or 24V led transformer into timer (if applicable).

4.   Plug timer into power source (external/interior outlet).

5.   Turn the timer to ON.

6.   It is very important that you determine location for your LED

lights prior to drilling holes.

7.   Once location is determined, mark where holes will be drilled.

Use the 12.5” forstner bit (included) to 12.5” drill hole for the led light housing for a standard mount. Ensure that the thickness of the mounting location exceeds 2/5”.

8.   If a FLUSH mount is desired, use a 15” forstner bit (not included) and drill a counter sink hole. Hole deep 1/10”. 

9.   When all holes are drilled, connect the waterproof transconnect cable to closest accent light in soffit setup.LED light should illuminate once to power connected.

10. Push the led light into hole.DO NOT USE A HAMMER.Using a hammer to insert the light will damage lens and/or LED.

11. Connect next so t light using Plug-N-Play multi-port or T-Splitter.

 Each adjoining light should illuminate once powered.

12. Repeat steps above for each additional light.


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